Adios to AudioComics!

AudioComics LogoAfter much soul-searching, I’ve decided to leave my much-loved company AudioComics in order to return to writing full-time. There are too many things I need to do, including:

  • Write a novel or three
  • Finish the Starstruck saga
  • Choose 1 or 2 of the other ideas I have to complete

As AudioComics is just making its transition into Pocket Universe Productions, it seemed a good time. I will miss working with the talented actors and comics creators I’ve gotten to know, as well as my awesome partners, William Dufris and Lance Roger Axt, but will not miss the aggravation involved in the day-to-day running of a business. That said, I might job in on a PUP project in future, but only on the creative side of things. Now, onward!

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Just How Weird Are We?

Ross Johnson of Barnes and Noble’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog names Starstruck

8 Weirdest Comics Ever
Buy the STARSTRUCK DELUXE EDITION here at Barnes and Noble!

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Starstruck Inks are Finally Completed!

Artist Michael Kaluta has just finished the last inked page of Lee and Kaluta’s new book in the Starstruck series, Starstruck: “Old Proldiers Never Die!” See it here!
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Blast from the Past!

Just came across this review from 2013 of a comic miniseries James Sherman and I did back in 1991… The Transmutation of Ike Garuda. Thanks, Nate Young (AKA comicKkrakK) for spreading the love!

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Reviews rolling in… and they Rock!

Reviews for AudioComics’ full-cast audio adventure Locke & Key are coming in fast and furious! Aaron Liptak of io9 says “Locke & Key Is Just As Haunting As An Audio Drama As It Is A Graphic Novel.” Scott D. Danielson of SFFaudio says “I would love to hear more of this kind of thing! In the meantime, I’ll be listening to this one again.” Leia Calderon of Sub-Cultured says, “…exceeded all expectations, joining the likes of successful audio dramas like the podcasts Serial and the immensely popular Welcome to Night Vale.And here’s Bar, our fave fan vlogger

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Unlocking Locke & Key!

Zack Smith of Newarama unlocks Locke and Key in an interview with Elaine Lee and William Dufris of AudioComics, and Fred Greenhalgh of FinalRune, on the process of turning a legendary comic series into an audio drama. Check it out here!

Locke and Key by AudioComics, adapted by Elaine Lee and Fred Greenhalgh

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Locke & Key: watch the featurette, get the FREE download!

Now download your free copy of Locke and Key from Audible!

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Locke & Key, produced by AudioComics for Audible!

Based on the critically-acclaimed graphic novel series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, LOCKE & KEY was adapted for audio by Elaine Lee and Fred Greenhalgh, and directed by William Dufris.

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