Cover for the Kickstarter Edition of Starstruck: Old Proldiers Never Die

Cover for the Kickstarter Edition of Starstruck "Old Proldiers Never Die"

Travel with bartender and mercenary “proldier” Harry Palmer, as he searches Recreation Station 97 in pursuit of his lost love. This wrap-around cover is only for the Kickstarter Edition of the book, out this November. And the title and credits are’ on the back!

Strong Female Protagonist creators Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag have more than doubled their Kickstarter goal on the first day of their campaign! Brennan is a second-generation comic book writer who happens to be my son, so you’ll have to pardon me if I brag. SFP is one of the best webcomics going and the new graphic novel is going to be incredible!

Pre-Order The X-Files: Cold Cases!

My old pals at AudioComics (now a division of Pocket Universe Productions), Bill Dufris and Lance Axt, produced X-Files: Cold Cases for Audible. Amazingly, they are given no credit anywhere, in any of the publicity for the project. So, I'm giving credit where credit is due. They did this:

I am proud to have helped get the ball rolling on this project, while I was still with AudioComics. So, go pre-order your copy. And don't forget to rage against the machine, while you're at it!

Starstruck: Old Proldiers Never Die, #2, "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Searching for his missing pleasure droid, Harry visits the Rec Station Gutters, where he meets an old friend from his Droid Wars days, and a new friend who lures him into danger. Both encounters spark memories from the past that Harry would rather have left there. But what does his ex-love Mary Medea, the model for his missing droid, have to do with the infamous Order of the Cosmic Veil? Do the droids know? Do the Bajars? And who’s trying to kill Harry?

Cover art by Michael Kaluta, painted by Lee Moyer.

Starstruck Artist’s Edition out NOW!

 I'm overwhelmed by the Starstruck Artist's Edition! This huge volume is part of IDW's specialty series of books, printing classic comics art at full size. The book will include all of the original Starstruck graphic novel art, photographed page by page. Starstruck is still a work in progress, with IDW Publishing releasing the new series in 2017.

HC • BW • 144 pages • 15” x 20”
ISBN: 978-1-63140-847-2

What does a guy do when his pleasure droid goes missing?

And not just any pleasure droid, but an extremely rare droid who happens to be a dead ringer for his long-lost love! Follow tough-guy bartender, Harry Palmer—ex-rebel, ex-mercenary “proldier”—as he combs Rec 97, a perilous, planet-sized, vacation station in search of love. Does he seek a living woman, now a fading memory from his past, or this woman’s simulacrum, the last in a line of alluring Erotica Ann Droids?

Out today!